Aciers pour moules d'injection plastique - Aciers durcissables résistants à la corrosion

    In no other forming manufacturing process are the requirements for tool steels as varied as in plastics processing. In addition to corrosion or wear stresses, especially in the processing of fiber-reinforced plastics, aesthetic aspects are also among the most important decision criteria. Good machinability and easy heat treatment is a matter of course. Voestalpine BÖHLER Edelstahl offers a wide range of materials for all applications in plastics processing, from conventionally manufactured tool steels for standard applications to electrical slag-remelted materials for demanding applications to powder metallurgically produced high-performance tool steels for the highest league in tool making.
    ISOPLAST – Plastic mould steel / electro slag remelted
    MICROCLEAN plastic mould steel / powder metallurgically manufactured

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    Résistance à la corrosion
    Résistance à l'usure


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    BÖHLER brand Melting Route Résistance à la corrosion Polissabilité Ténacité Résistance à l'usure
    Airmelted + Remelted
    Airmelted + Remelted
    Airmelted + Remelted
    Métallurgie des poudres
    Airmelted + PESR
    Métallurgie des poudres
    Métallurgie des poudres


    BÖHLER aciers à outils et rapides


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